Mobility Expands Its Services Into Rwanda
Mobility Expands Its Services Into Rwanda

Mobility launched the very first, localized personalization center in Rwanda to enhance the card issuance experience that organizations offer to their customers.

Issue With Confidence : Mobility’s EMV Validation Tool
Issue With Confidence : Mobility’s EMV Validation Tool

We aim to provide convenience across the industry we serve. Far greater cost- effectiveness in working with a regionally accessible organization

A Cloud Version Of All We Have to Offer
A Cloud Version Of All We Have to Offer

Leverage our easy-to-use Card Issuance Software while avoiding the cost of setting up IT infrastructure from scratch

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Accessibility Flexibility Agility

We are a preferred partner in card issuance across various regions due to our strong physical presence in and around these areas, enabling us to offer the best-in-class solutions quickly and securely.

We are confident we can tailor our services and approach to one that works best for you.

Get in touch with us for a consultation with our solutions experts. Let’s find out how we can help you improve your core business.


Our range of solutions and services fit perfectly across various industries

Financial Services

Card issuance and acquisition services for banks and other financial institutions.


We help companies improve their mobile banking systems.


Our solutions are capable of improving daily operations of government bodies involving biometric data, card issuance and more.


Commercial sector companies can leverage our services to boost the value they provide to customers.


Card issuance made easy & secure. With Mobility, you receive the building blocks to digitally manage every step in the card issuance process.

Card Issuance

A range of onsite and Cloud-based solutions that cover various facets of Card Issuance, from raw data processing to card printing.

PIN Issuance

Securely create and manage PINs under a robust PIN delivery architecture that leaves no room for mistakes.

POS Management

Monitor and manage multiple POS devices and their functionality in a few steps.


In addition to software, Mobility offers end-to-end services to take the entire burden of physically preparing and delivering cards, off your shoulders and on to ours.

Card Personalization Services

We help manage the entire process of card personalization, from import of personalization data to making the card ready for delivery.

Card Supply

We manage the procurement and designs of unique cards and their finishing elements.

Card Embedding Services

We offer local card embedding services to reduce overall procurement costs.

Why we are a trusted global partner.


Cards Personalized


Cards Embedded


Sales and Support


Outsourcing Centers


Global Employees


Mobility really opened our path to success in card delivery services. Since partnering with them, we’ve seen a clear distinction of service quality in our card service road map.

John Douglas

Digital Solutions at CalBank


MaxxEMV IIS has innovative features like inventory management, pin selection, and has a friendly user interface. The company is committed to ethical business conduct, which is a major plus for us.

Abdinasir Hassan Ali

Head of ICT at Premiere Bank


Maxx EMV CIS is by far the best framework we’ve used within the card issuing domain.

Bijo Razak

CISO at PCI CP Personalisation Bureau


Mobility’s Instant Issuance Solutions enables organizations to issue embossed, indented, and thermal printed cards.

Operations Manager

PCI CP Personalisation Bureau