POS Management

Monitor and manage multiple POS devices and their functionality in a few steps.


Clients and customers are increasingly demanding to pay with cards in places where this has not traditionally been the case, such as markets, taxi associations and service traders such as hairdressers, plumbers, school payment.

POS Software provides integrated solutions that offer a complete end to end solution
To enables the simplest acceptance of cards for all types of businesses operating in any location outdoors, on the go and all others. Whether a single merchant or a chain of merchants, the point of sale app is all you need to manage them more efficiently.

Terminal Management

The Terminal Management System (TMS) is a flexible, easy to use terminal management system for POS terminals that provides a full suite of facilities to control POS software. It also allows users to define, configure and update POS parameters and tasks.

The system allows banks and other financial institutions to manage transactions without impacting the functionality.

The TMS system comprises of two main components:

POS Administration Module

This includes functionality like user management, keeping logs for all activities on the system, managing applications, discounts and online transactions management, and more.

POS Device Management

The software shows the status and activity logs of each POS device separately so that operators can be made aware of any errors.

A module within the software that can be used to customize alerts for each device, for example an alert for when a paper roll is about to finish and should be replaced, or an alert for a low battery charge

Clients can instantly push new rules and policies to devices that are already in circulation in real-time