The Maxx EMV CIS or MaxxCentral Solution was created to support heavy workflow environments with large volumes of data and card processing. The key component of MaxxCentral dictates that all EMV data preparation, embedding and card issuance, is done within one location or branch.

It is a highly automated EMV personalization system which enables customers to power central card issuance efficiently.
It combines the latest VISA, MC and PCI security standards with the most advanced technology on EMV chip cards to ensure the best customer experience.

MaxxCentral Work Flow


Main Engine

The core administrative panel for a bird’s eye view
of all high-level operations within the system.

SFTP Engine

The most integral component of the EMV solution that oversees secure data transfer protocols at all times.

Data Generation

A terminal for automated data preparation and processing based on card holder information.

Key Management

Secure key generation and key management protocols in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Perso Manager

Utilize prepared EMV data to personalize cards with the help of relevant hardware and an easy-to–use personalization interface.

Security Features

Our EMV Solutions are built with security and confidentiality at the forefront. All data security protocols and regulations are followed to ensure an up-to-date environment.

Latest data encryption technologies including 3DES/AES/RSA to receive and send data

Encrypted database to store sensitive information

Intra-module communication is encrypted to prevent any breaches in between data transfer

Restricted local access to modules based on company policy

Around-the-clock access and activity logs for administrative purposes

“>All security and privacy protocols are vetted by VISA and MasterCard, PCI DSS or PCI CPA on a regular basis

What you get

Maxx EMV Central is a multi-vendor personalization solution capable of being scaled to any degree for optimum usability.

Automated processes that reduce human error and boost efficiency

Hardened defenses and precautionary security to maintain data integrity

Complete control over module access and functionality

Malleable architecture to support multiple sectors or industries

Multi-scheme support for greater flexibility

EMV Chip agnostic