A Cloud Version Of All We Have to Offer

A cloud version of all we have to offer

We recently launched the SaaS version of our Central Issuance solution called MAXx Cloud and queries have not stopped piling in.
Here is why:

A little context

Our MAXx Central EMV solution takes a modular approach to central card issuance environments, delivering the core capabilities required to issue smart cards. This solution utilizes trained personnel and battle tested machinery built to create and personalize cards.

On the other hand

The Cloud or SaaS version of the Central EMV solution allows clients to be up and running with Mobility card issuance software without having to set up a costly IT infrastructure onsite. Essentially, your business benefits from the reduced initial capital investment.

This solution was designed to address the needs of organizations with constrained budgets and lower volumes of card issuance. It makes perfect sense to be able to provide quality service to your customers, without putting strain on the capex.

As an added bonus, our clients are able to take advantage of our PCI Compliant security protocols, ensuring complete data safety. We also push out regular maintenance patches and upgrades, for free.

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