The MaxxCloud executes a Cloud or SaaS version of the Central Issuance, Instant Issuance and Instant Lite Issuance Solutions This allows clients to be up and running with Mobility card issuance software without having to set up a costly IT infrastructure onsite.

Capability and use cases

This solution was designed to address the needs of organizations with constrained budgets and lower volumes of card issuance. It makes perfect sense to be able to provide quality service to your customers, without putting strain on the capex.

Our clients are able to utilize the module to quickly format and transfer EMV data to Mobility Cloud servers for personalization, and call it back for printing or validation. All of this happens within minutes with only a few clicks.

This solution allows for much greater maneuverability in payment options. As is the case with most Cloud or SaaS solutions, payments are calculated based on usage. This becomes easier to justify and calculate at the end of an agreed upon period.

As an added bonus, our clients are able to take advantage of our PCI Compliant security protocols, ensuring complete data safety. This also includes several firewalls and proxies before data can reach a certain destination, where it is stored in an encrypted format.