We combine the capabilities of our software with the hardware deployment expertise of our partners to encourage self-servicing, and allow customers to choose what they want on the spot.

Our MaxxKiosk Management System allows our clients to easily monitor and manage the execution of all of the services. It also serves as a single window to monitor the functioning of multiple MaxxKiosk.

We support our clients in procuring and installing qualified, top-of-the-line MaxxKiosk in several off-site locations to reduce the burden on local branches or central locations. Placed strategically, these MaxxKiosk are capable of generating additional revenue.

Mobility MaxxKiosk Solutions offer the key services, among other applications:

Account opening

Instant card issuance

Card Pin Change

Supplementary card issuing


The MaxxKiosk we help procure have the ability to print personalized cards instantly, or even reissue lost cards

With the help of our partners, we ensure that the MaxxKiosk we procure for clients are customized with their branding

Customers will be able to create or change PINs for their issued cards

Generate additional revenue from offsite locations

Reduced burden on local branches and a lowered footfall allows branches to focus on their core capabilities

We provide consistent technical support and updates to software for added applications and services