PIN issuance

Securely create and manage PINs under a robust PIN delivery architecture that leaves no room for mistakes.


Our MaxxMailer Solution has been programmed for the purpose of creating, printing and disseminating PINs to customers, with optimal security. The modular architecture provides an absolute hold over daily PIN generation and their issuance.

The three main modules of the MaxxMailer Solution are:

The MaxxMailer Engine

The Engine is responsible for powering all the runtime modules of the system, while keeping a constant check on security

MaxxMailer Web Services

This module links up with the client’s servers to securely download and parse relevant files. This process can be automated by working alongside the client’s existing CMS

MaxxMailer PIN Generation Module

The module uses predefined configurations and templates to generate PIN blocks

MaxxPIN MaxxMailer CIS

MaxxPIN MaxxMailer has a strong modular architecture to support multi-brand issuance and ensure scalability for PSP (Personalization Service Providers). The software is able to process different type of input data of formats such as csv, xml, txt, asci, binary, pgp, excel and performs required crypto operations. The Cryptographic operations are performed on hardware HSM device so that logical and physical protection for highly sensitive data are performed as per schemas/pci-dss requirement.

Both remote and local PIN printings can be supported. MaxxPIN MaxxMailer Manager can generate secret codes on a local HSM and print them immediately. This module also supports scenarios with deferred PIN envelope printing. In this case, PIN Manager securely stores pre-generated PIN blocks in a database and then prints the PIN envelopes without data regeneration.

MaxxPIN MaxxMailer CIS is state-of-the-art solution that is designed to support Personalization Service Providers to manage a heterogeneous environment in terms of an all-in-one solution for PIN generation and secure printing of PIN envelopes and Workflow Operational requirements of issuers with a strong control on day-to-day pin and issuance process using built in customizable operational work flow.


Create PINs for multiple uses, securely and efficiently.

The MaxxPIN solution supports multiple PIN delivery options and provides banks and other institutions a rather secure interface to monitor and manage all issued PINs.

Three of the main PIN distribution methods utilized today include:


PIN via SMS is an instant method of delivery for newly created or changed PINs. As soon as the customer applies for a new PIN, the system uses a unique identification number and an authentication code to validate the request. Once confirmed, the system dispatches an encrypted SMS to the customer, issuing their PIN.


Customers with access to internet banking services can modify and request PINs across the web.
The IBS connects to our MaxxPIN modules as soon as any of the PIN functions is requested by the customer. After validating the request via an authentication code, the function is executed.


EMV scripting provides card issuers with the ability to dynamically update EMV parameters on smart cards while in circulation. EMV scripts are collections of secured smart card commands, which are sent to the card via POS as part of authorization messages. POS EMV Scripting Service is a platform to developed for sending commands to an EMV payment card.