Mobility Expands Its Services Into Rwanda

Mobility Expands Its Services Into Rwanda

When it comes to financial data that is confidential and has a high risk of being misused, one can never be too careful.

We launched our EMV Validation Tool as the first line of defense against human-error and improper data processing. When large volumes of cards are being issued on a daily basis, it becomes imperative to employ certain protocols that ensure integrity of personalization data being embedded on cards.

Our Validation Tool inspects said data by performing mock transactions within the software’s boundaries. Executing these transactions allows the software to compare the EMV data on the chip with that of the customer to whom the card must be delivered.

Whilst ensuring that the correct personalization details have been embedded on the card, we can also validate if transactions are going through and other operations can be performed.

The EMV Validation Tool can be used to check both large volumes of cards and also a single card in case the card must be issued instantly.

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