Our MaxxInstant EMV solution allows clients to print and personalize cards onsite and deliver customer satisfaction instantly. This allows clients to manage the entire card personalization process from the get go and issue cards to their customers within minutes.

Within our MaxxInstant solution, hardware relevant to card personalization and printing is installed at the branch. Many of our clients who prefer instant customer satisfaction, opt for this solution for the agility it offers.

Our MaxxInstant Solution offers all the security measures and capabilities found in the Central EMV process flow, in addition to the following:

Managed technology integration and maintenance at multiple branches of the same company to reduce dependence on a centralized location that may cause delays

Monitor and encode all EMV data at designated branch, granting total control over the speed at which cards are issued

Automated module with customizable request approval feature. This helps maintain card inventory and keep a check on daily issuance

Guaranteed after sales service for machinery to tackle any issues you may encounter. We make sure your work does not stop and cards keep flowing