Card Issuance

A range of onsite and Cloud-based solutions that cover various facets of Card Issuance, from raw data processing to card printing.

Card Issuance Solutions


A powerful solution for all biometric verification requirements across different industries.

Biometric verification and data storage is now a gold standard in security and identity validation. These methods of authentication are used across many sectors, including banks, workplaces and government institutions to name a few.

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The MAXx EMV CIS or Central EMV Solution was created to support heavy workflow environments with large volumes of data and card processing. The key component of Central EMV dictates that all EMV data preparation, embedding and card issuance, is done within one location or branch.

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Our Instant Issuance EMV solution allows clients to print and personalize cards onsite and deliver customer satisfaction instantly. This allows clients to manage the entire card personalization process from the get go and issue cards to their customers within minutes.

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Instant Lite EMV solution was designed to tackle a large footfall of customers and provide cards instantly, with hardware limitations in mind.

Hence, the main purpose of the Instant Lite Solution is to offer that upgrade in client satisfaction and speed of delivery. All this, while incurring a reduced capital investment and daily expenditure to maintain said upgrade.

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The MAXx Cloud executes a Cloud or SaaS version of the Central Issuance, Instant Issuance and Instant Lite Issuance Solutions This allows clients to be up and running with Mobility card issuance software without having to set up a costly IT infrastructure onsite.

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Card Printers

With the aid of our top tier card issuance hardware partners, we offer to manage the procurement, installation and maintenance of specialized, hard to find, card printers for our clients.

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We combine the capabilities of our software with the hardware deployment expertise of our partners to encourage self-servicing, and allow customers to choose what they want on the spot.

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