Financial Services

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In today’s evolving payment ecosystem, commercial banks and other financial institutions must prepare for and adapt to rapid industry disruption. Mobility can assist banks in improving all stakeholder relationships by providing an enhanced experience to their customers and partners.

At Mobility, we make it a point to take digitization and innovation in our stride as we move with the world that is constantly evolving.

The solutions above offer varying levels of support in the card issuance process; from embedding data onto a card to dispatching it to a customer.

Our solutions have brought tangible impact to our clients in terms of improved customer card experience and greater security in handling confidential data. Over time, our clients have reported a substantial increase in the number of cards they are able to distribute in a certain period, with the shortest of turnaround times.

Telecom Services

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Telecom companies today are using digital payment services or mobile money to improve their engagement level with their customers and to encourage them to go digital when it comes to making payments.

With an ever prevalent need for communication, there is a constant need for new SIM cards. Telecom companies that envision entering or have entered the card issuance sub sector, can choose from a variety of our card issuance solutions.

Telecom Operators make use of our card personalization solutions to streamline their card issuance process and also offer SIM cards with personal branding and images. This not only improves the efficiency with which SIM cards are issued, but also enhances the customers’ experience.

Public Sector

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MaxxEMV Instant Issuance MaxxBIO MaxxKIOSK

Our secure technology solutions enable the enrollment, issuance, and lifecycle management of national IDs, passports, driver’s licences, as well as other identification cards. Hardware systems and supplies, and professional support are also part of our extensive portfolio.

The MAXx BIO solution, combined with our Card Issuance Solutions, is capable of optimizing the daily operations of government bodies. With thousands of inquiries every day, our technology helps modernize public sector operations so they remain parallel to, if not ahead of the curve, in terms of quality and speed of service.

We have helped improve the overall data lifecycle within the public sector. This includes data capture or citizen enrollment, data storage, collating and preparing documentation, and finally issuing relevant, validated cards to the customer.

Our solutions are armed with penetration-tested firewalls and encryption technologies for government bodies seeking an upgrade to their digital security while handling confidential data.


Popular Services
MaxxEMV Instant Issuance MaxxBIO MaxxKIOSK

Companies operating in the commercial sector can leverage a range of our solutions and services to boost the value they provide to their customers. With creative and branded retail card programs and a unique mailing experience, we help them garner the trust of their customers and make them stand out from the competition.

Our clients in the airlines, retail, education and insurance sectors, utilize our solutions to offer a personalized experience. These solutions include Card Issuance, branded Kiosks, Biometric solutions and more.