MaxxLite EMV solution was designed to tackle a large footfall of customers and provide cards instantly, with hardware limitations in mind.

Hence, the main purpose of the MaxxLite Solution is to offer that upgrade in client satisfaction and speed of delivery. All this, while incurring a reduced capital investment and daily expenditure to maintain said upgrade.

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In our MaxxLite Solution, a centralized personalization bureau and the card issuance branch work in tandem with each other to deliver cards to their customers. After receiving pre-personalized cards from a central location, the card issuance branch moves to the next step and personalizes optical customer data into the card onsite.

At this point, the card is ready for delivery.

The following features are key only to the MaxxLite Solution:

Minimal hardware requirements – The solution requires that the branch in question procures a thermal printer to print the card at the branch.

Instant printing of customer data using MaxxLite software

Offload EMV data encoding to a predesignated central location for efficiency and cost-effectiveness

We help our clients install and manage MAX EMV software with their existing CBS and CMS

Secured intra-branch and external data transfer protocols